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Winter tips.

  1. Check the main sewer if is in good shape without roots infiltration, with no shifts or broken section. Needs camera inspection for this type of checking.
  2. Check if all the water supply pipes in your house close to exterior walls, located in the basements with less than 50F are insulated. Keep the temperatures in all rooms in the house above 50F.
  3. Check if the discharge sump pump pipe outside is not cover by snow.

Spring tips.

  1. Check if your outside floor drains are draining the water melted from the snow.
  2. Check if the sump pump is working properly. Life expectancy for sump pump is 10 to 15 years. Check also the check valve.
  3. If you have a flood control system check the ejector pump if works, the flapper/ flappers if works.
  4. Check if the outside spigot is not leaking.

Summer tips.

  1. Check if the water level in the floor drains is Ok. If not add water with vinegar. Do this every 3 ,4 months.
  2. If you did not check the main sewer in the winter now is the time. No snow outside, much better.

Fall tips.

  1. Check if the kitchen sink drain if draining properly without restriction of the flow. Thanksgiving is around the corner.
  2. Check the outside spigot. Drain it if you can and insulate with the warehouse’s selling caps.